Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect during a 1:1 Jewelry Consultation? 

Navigating a purchase as important as this one can be daunting. Our mission is to provide a personalized educational experience to help you navigate the ins and outs of jewelry/diamond purchasing. This extends beyond just characteristics of the stone such as cut, color, and clarity: we want our clients to feel empowered to understand the economics of the diamond industry and competing vendors online. 

First up, let’s chat! We want to understand your preferences and get aligned on your vision. Contact us HERE and a dedicated gemologist will get in touch to learn more. From there, your gemologist will walk you through the important factors to consider in your process including: the characteristics of your dream stone, what to look for when you purchase, and industry factors to consider. Our goal is to empower you with the education necessary to make an informed purchase that you can be thrilled with long term. From there, we’ll work with you to select the perfect diamond choice and setting design within your budget. 


Why should I buy from Siroo? 

More and more couples are purchasing rings online, but with that you lose the personalization and the education of a dedicated consultation. Our mission is to bring the human aspect back to jewelry purchasing and help you find the perfect ring. 


Are your Diamonds Graded & Certified?

Each one of our diamonds is graded by a gemologist who is GIA certified (Gemological Institute of America). Most of our inventory is also formally graded by a third party lab, such as GIA, IGI (International Gemological Laboratory International), GSI (Gemological Science International) or AGS (American Gem Society). The grading of the diamond you purchase will be printed on your certified appraisal which outlines details around the weight, color and clarity of your diamond, the retail price you purchased it at and a detailed description of your stone.


What is the quality of your accent diamonds?

All of our accent diamonds are hand picked to match the quality of the center diamond. This is essential in creating an equal distribution of brilliance. We focus on side accents that have a very good to excellent cut to give the setting and ring an intense luster. On the average our quality is between a H-I color and SI2 in clarity or better. Our accent diamonds are brilliant cut stones and will come with clear specs outlining diamond quality during your consultation process. 

Can I Buy a Setting Without Buying a Diamond?

Unlike competitors who do not offer this option, we are happy to work with clients on resetting their diamond! Remounting is one of our biggest strengths as we have one of the largest inventories of settings in the industry. We can remount a ring in as little as 1-2 days (depending on the stone). This is an amazing way to keep your original stone which has emotional and sentimental value while keeping your ring up-to-date with a fresh look you love. In short, we prioritize personalization and are happy to work with you on your specific needs. 


Can I Put a Diamond or Estate Piece on Hold? 

We do offer the option to extend a limited time formal hold on a case by case basis. Please contact us for more information. 


Is My Diamond Laser Inscribed?

Yes - all center diamonds are laboratory certified. Diamonds currently graded by GIA are laser inscribed on the girdle with an identification number and/or a unique symbol. Laser inscriptions provide peace of mind when making a diamond purchase as they are an easy way to identify a diamond. We work with GIA diamonds unless otherwise stated.

Do You Offer Lab Grown Diamonds?

While Lab Grown Diamonds have gained a lot of interest in recent years, we do not offer them as they are not recognized by GIA. Lab Grown stones are similar to a piece of technology - as technologies improve over the years, this drives the value of your diamond down. Natural diamonds are higher in value as they develop in nature for thousands of years. No two stones are alike, so you’re purchasing a diamond that’s as unique as you. 

Do You Offer Alternative Gemstones Such As Tourmaline, Aquamarine, Etc.? 

Yes! Every ring is special and unique to each client. We are happy to collaborate with you on any customization. With our vast experience and market contacts, we can make any ring with a color gemstone: precious (sapphire, emerald, ruby) or semi-precious.

What If I Want a Center Stone Shape that is Not Offered For that Setting?

Depending on the design, a majority of our settings can take a variety of center stones. For Fancy Shapes, our master jewelers hand make rings to the measurements and dimensions of the stone, ensuring a perfect fit and beautiful custom look

Can You Send Me Additional Images of the Rings? 

Yes. We can send you additional images if you are interested in seeing our rings from a different angle, or viewing multiple rings together. Please contact us to learn more or book an appointment.

Do You Offer Alternative Metal Options Such As Rose Gold? 

Yes. We are proud to offer platinum, 18K white gold, 18K yellow gold, 18K rose gold, 14k white gold,  14k yellow gold, and 14k rose gold as a standard option for most styles.

Can You Help Me Design a Custom Piece of Jewelry?

Siroo Jewelers is an industry leader in jewelry customization - it’s our forté. Traditionally in the industry, there is a large markup cost factored into custom ring designs. We pride ourselves on a transparent process and own most of the design layers in house to keep costs efficient and deliver the best possible value to our clients. Your dedicated gemologist will work with you to bring your custom vision to life. In terms of the custom design process, once you are confident in the idea, we put together a CAD mockup so you can see what the design would look like in 3D and print a mold before our master jewelers create the ring. 

Can I See Your Jewelry in Person? 

Yes. We do have locations in New York and the Caribbean, however, our virtual appointments offer jewelry specialists available to you from the comfort of your own home and share all the same capabilities as in-person consultations. 

Do You Offer Financing or Layaway?

Yes! We understand the significance of this purchase (both emotionally and financially) and strive to make this process as seamless as possible for our clients. As such, we are happy to collaborate with you on creative financing options that work for your budget. 

Regarding Layaway and monthly payments: if you don't want to take out a line of credit, we accept post-dated checks and monthly payments on your credit. Alternatively, In terms of financing, we’ve partnered with Synchrony Financial to provide real interest free financing and IDDeal Credit Card (Comenity Bank). We’ve carefully selected these partners as they are industry leaders and have very fair processes. In many scenarios, our clients can get approved on both systems to allow you to secure the full credit. Depending on the negotiation, we will do our best to extend the longest term to our customers as possible in order to offer the best price and value.


What Can I Expect In Terms Of Shipping?

Upon completion of your order, we ship domestically to the US free of charge via FedEx for overnight delivery. 


Do You Include Insurance Appraisals With Purchases?

We include a complimentary insurance appraisal with all purchases over $1,000 USD for your convenience. 

Do You Offer Insurance?

We highly recommend insuring your jewelry to protect it from the unexpected. All of our pieces are independently assessed and valued by GIA gemologists and experts to reflect a fair market value. Our pieces appraise for higher than what our customers pay for due to our business model. Unlike a traditional retail model, our business operates by: minimizing overhead expenses significantly, negotiating and hand selecting the best quality and value product for our customers, and owning the design process with our master jewelers in house (this is roughly a 30-40% mark up in the industry). 

How is Siroo Different from Other Retailers That Claim They Offer Conflict Free Diamonds?

To learn more about what makes us different feel free to visit our About Us page or read through our jewelry buying guide. In short, Ethics is behind everything we do at Siroo. First, we follow the Kimberley Process. This defines “conflict free” diamonds as diamonds that have not financed a civil war. But because many diamonds that are technically “conflict free” are tainted by other means of exploitation, we go above and beyond by partnering with only the world’s leading diamond vendors globally who adhere to the highest level of quality control and ethics to ensure that no harm was done in mining their diamonds.

Brilliant Earth, Blue Nile, James Allen - are simply market places that list stones from different wholesalers and add their mark up. They don't know anything about the specific stone. There are many attributes to a diamond that are not expressed on the certification and that's what we want to communicate. At the end of the day, whether a customer buys or not from us - our focus is giving them an honest experience focused around education.

What is the Kimberley Process? Does it Verify that Diamonds are Ethically-Sourced? - completed 

The Kimberley Process certification was created in 2003 to restrict and define conflict stones and alleviate the cruelty in the diamond business. The Kimberley Process defines “conflict free” diamonds as diamonds that have not financed a civil war. Unfortunately, this does not address other cases of violence and human rights abuse impacting diamond mining today. As such, there is a distinction between “conflict free” diamonds verified by the Kimberley Process and ethically sourced stones. In order to ensure our stones are ethically sourced, we go above and beyond the Kimberley Process.