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Jocelyn and Vin

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Right at Home

The perfect place and moment

Jocelyn and Vin have shared many unforgettable experiences throughout their relationship, so it wasn't easy when Vin wanted to pick a special place to pop the question.

In the end, Vin realized there was no better place than the iconic Lincoln Center, for this was the neighborhood where they built their first home together.

Timeless, Elegant Oval

Vin always knew that Jocelyn liked ovals. Understanding the significance of the ring, Vin wanted to involve Jocelyn in the process to create her dream engagement ring with Siroo.

Together, they explored a variety of cuts and settings. The process went smoothly over 3 weeks and Jocelyn ultimately decided on an elegant, spready oval with a petite pave band. 

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Surrounded by Love

Vin wanted the moment to be even more special by surprising Jocelyn with her closest friends.

Their friends had witnessed their love blossom over time and were delighted to be there to celebrate the next step in their beautiful union. One of the sweetest couples we know, we are so happy for them and honored to have been part of their special moment.